Symphony Siesta 70 Ltrs Air Cooler Review

The big dilemma of people with spacious houses or rooms is how to cool it effectively especially in the summer season. This is why they consider getting big air conditioners which cost them a fortune. Air conditioner are not only expensive in terms of the price  but also they are also known for consuming too much electricity. Thankfully, Symphony has come up with a solution to that problem because they have created this Siesta 70-liter Air Cooler.

Symphony Siesta specific product can cool rooms up to a size of 370 square meters which is truly extraordinary. Now you do not have to worry about cooling big rooms even if you are on a budget. This air cooler is the answer to your problems because it has high efficiency in its functionalities and electricity.

Caster Wheels

This feature will let you transport the air cooler from one place to another inside your home without having a hard time.

Grill Type Window

This makes the air cooler provide better airflow for much efficient cooling. This will also let you clean the windows and inside of it without any hassles.

70 Liter Tank

It gives you the sufficient capacity to enjoy cooler air for a longer amount of time without the need to refill the container from time to time.

Huge 16-Inch Fan

The huge fan will give much cooler air that will make you feel that you are using an air conditioner but in a practical way.

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What Do We like

Outstanding Design

It has a stylish design that will bring a lot of wow factor to the interior of your home. This will impress your guests and will commend you on how nice your home is.

Energy Efficient

It only consumes 160 watts of electricity that is why you can expect that you can save a lot of money from electricity bills.

Easy To Maintain

This air cooler does not contain any complex mechanisms that are why expect that you will not have difficulties maintaining it even if it gets old.


This air cooler has easy to understand interface that is why using it will be very easy even if it is your first time using it.

Affordable Price

Despite its wonderful features you can actually get this product for such an affordable price. If you will compare it to its counterparts it has a significantly low price.

Not Noisy

This air cooler is known for its quiet operation making it a desirable appliance to use at any part of the day. Even if you are sleeping expect that it will not disturb you.

What We Don’t Like

Sometimes the Water Leaks

You can prevent this from happening by not putting a mouthful of water when you are refilling the tank. You can also put a rag on its side to ensure that the water will not go directly on your floor.


There you go, now you have an idea of how this air cooler can provide you with lots of comforts the next thing that you must do is to consider buying it. You will surely have a hard time finding a product like this that is effective yet very affordable. We suggest that you try it out immediately until supplies last!

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