LG PuriCare AS60GDWT0 Air Purifier Review

When it comes to taking care of your entire health, you certainly need to take additional care. We often spend most of our time at home and since the air these days are highly polluted there is a need for including an air purifier. This ensures offering pure and breathable air. In such a scenario, nothing like including an air purifier can be a great help as these devices ensure absorbing the pollutants from the air and offering pollutant-free air around you.

LG is a known brand known to offer some of the amazing appliances which makes our life better and one of their models in their product line is LG PuriCare AS60GDWT0 WiFi Enabled Air Purifier (White). This device has been equipped with some of the amazing features which make it a great choice for the people. So let us have a look at the features of this purifier.

360-degree purification

This air purifier has been designed with a great 360-degree design to enhance the purification system. This ensures enhancing the looks of the space. Because of such a unique design, this air purifier gains its capability of absorbing pollutants from various directions where it will be installed. The Axial Centrifugal fan along with the Chevron Nozzle ensures powerful purification. This ensures 20% more cleaning than any other conventional product.

Cleaning booster

This purifier has a unique blend of air purifier and fan which again deliver clean and fresh air which is as 7.5 meters. This device is able to distribute clean air with an amazing and unique rotation system throughout the room. Hence you can stay assured that this purifier is enough to offer completely clean air and take proper care of your family.

6 step filtration

The LG Puri Care is integrated with the powerful filtration system which has the ability to purify the space with their 360-degree filters. With this filter, you can easily get rid of the harmful gases, odor, and microscopic particles.

Remove the large particles present in the air which can cause a terrible effect on your respiratory system.

removes the ultra-fine dust particle present in the air which cannot be seen with naked eyes.

Removes the allergens from the air which makes it a great inclusion for the families where there are people suffering from allergies.

This powerful filter has the ability to remove the ammonia along with other living odor.

removes the harmful gases present in the air which can cause a problem with the respiratory tract.

Removes the main components of smog from the air.

Smart sensor

This air purifier offers the real time reading of the particulate level and the indoor smell in your home. The smart gas and PM 1.0 sensor automatically sets the operation cycle and air flow to make sure of getting rid of harmful particles. You will be able to get information from its powerful display.

Useful indicator

This air purifier has been designed with the indicators that have the ability to let you know about the air quality. Not only the sensor is present, but also the indicators present in the device ensure giving you real-time notification. The 6 color indicators are enough to tell you about the internal air quality.

Green means clean to yellow is less than clean to orange which is moderate to red which is worse than moderate. Pink is almost bad and violet is polluted.

Great App

When it comes to the convenience, certainly this device has taken care of it too. The ThinQ app that comes for your smartphone is great to operate the device from anywhere. You can also check the pollution level, control it, and also let you know about the filter condition. This is such a great app from where you can check in details about the device.

58 sq m coverage

Keeping in mind regarding the need for device that will cover most of the area in the house, this device claims to cover 58 sq. m area. Hence one device is enough to cover the entire area.

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What Do We like

Shows effect within a few minutes

As soon as you install this device and turn it on, with just minutes, this device will start showing its effect. You will get clean air immediately within 5 minutes and therefore stay assured about the well being of your family.

Very install easy operation

There is no doubt that this air purifier is very to install and can be operated easily. Even when you are not tech-savvy, you can easily operate this machine without the need for an expert to handle.

Fantastic design

Keeping in mind regarding the design, this air purifier has been designed in such a way that it compels you to buy the device. Not only is it effective, but also it ensures keeping the air around you pure and safe.

Great for people with breathing troubles: People who are suffering from asthma and have to visit doctor regularly, they should definitely think of buying one. This device will definitely help you recover with its unique features and design.

What We Don’t Like

On the heavier side

Everything about this purifier is great except for the fact that it cannot be carried from one place to another easily as it weighs 11.5 kg.


LG PuriCare AS60GDWT0 WiFi Enabled Air Purifier (White) is a great inclusion for people who are living in polluted urban cities. It can easily absorb the pollutants from your home and proffer fresh air to ensure your wellbeing. Therefore buy and install it today to ensure no harm to your family.

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