Honeywell Move Pure Car Air Purifier Review

Pollution has resulted in damaging our internal system especially the respiratory system. Even when we have taken care of our homes by installing great appliances, is it all done? Definitely a no because we spend an average of 2 hours daily in our car.  People who have to drive to reach the office definitely need to take care of their car as well. Installing an air purifier can be a good initiative to make sure that you and your family are safe.

There are several car air purifiers available in the market and one of them is the Honeywell Move Pure Car Air Purifier. Honeywell is one of those who have taken the initiative to offer healthy living to people by offering air purifiers for home and cars. This car air purifier has been designed with several features that make them a perfect inclusion for your car. So let us have a look at the features of this car air purifier.

Efficient HEPA filters

The appliance is being installed with high-grade HEPA filters. These filters are efficient in eliminating dust, PM2.5 and also has the ability to fight the harmful pollutants. Hence once you install this, you can stay assured that you will be safe in your car as well.

One button control

Since the machine is exceptionally small to fit in the car with a dimension of 210x150x60mm, this machine is designed with one button control. With a single button, you can do multiple actions which include changing the fan mode, reminder of filter replacement and power on and off.

Easy to use

Keeping in mind regarding the harassment people need to face in case of calling a technician in today busy schedule, they have decided to include filters that is very easy to use and filters seamlessly as well. Using the DIY filters can become great because no longer you need to call the experts for cleaning.

Multi layer filtration

To make sure that the air purifier is efficient enough to absorb the harmful pollutants present in the air and keep your respiratory system clean, this air purifier has been designed with the advanced double layered carbon filters. These filters have the efficacy to remove cigarette smoke, virus, bacteria, odor, toxic gases, VOCs and lot more. Hence you will be left with clean and filtered air.

Clean air up to 3 cubic meter

This air purifier has been designed is a way to be able to clean 4 times of the air every hour. This is made to make sure that you don’t breathe pollution and keep your respiratory tract clean. This tiny appliance has the ability to clean air in 3 cu.m of space. Hence you can stay assured if you are driving with your family and kids. They will be safe and breathe clean and pure air.

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What Do We like


This is such a great choice for your car as the size of the material is exceptional small. Due to its compact size, no matter how small or big your car is, the air purifier can be easily installed in your car without taking much space.

Easy to use

It does not need one to know much about its use as it is very simple in operation. In case you find it tough, go through the manual and you can easily operate this machine.

Easy filter replacement

It does not require calling any expert for filter replacement. It is designed in a way to be able to change the filters much easily. So just buy and stay assured.

Easy to install

Since the machine comes pre-installed, there is no need for calling any expert. All you need is to just install it after unboxing.

Lengthy power cord

For bigger cars there is always a need for a lengthy power cord and this appliance is simply a wow. The lengthy power cord becomes very effective.


If you are thinking that the appliance will make sound while operating and might hamper your music, then stay s=assured that the machine will perform like it never existed. It will do its job silently.

What We Don’t Like

No provision for adding fresheners

Well, there are no bad features in the air purifier but it would have been great if the air puffier has the provision to add car fresheners.


Adding the Honeywell Move Pure Car Air Purifier is certainly a great choice just to proffer clean and pure air. It has all the features that you need to stay safe. So just purchase this appliance today and ensure healthy living.

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