Dr. Morepen APF-01 Air Purifier Review

When you inhale hamful polluted Air, it can lead to multiple respitory issues. Changing the overall air condition is simply impossible but you can certainly take care of your house. When there is a need for maintaining the air inside your home, nothing like a great air purifier can be of great help.

There are several brands coming up to offering some of the outstanding quality of air purifiers to the people and from them, Dr. Morepen Room Air Purifier is one of the most efficient purifier that has helped several families. Integrated with some of the high-end features, this air purifier is efficient in doing its job with the range of features. So let us have a look at the many features available in this device.

3 type of filter

This air purifier is designed with 3 types of filters which are capable of removing some of the harmful pollutants and bacteria from the air. The 3 types of filters which include HEPA, Pure-filter and Ionizer make it great for removing the pollutants from the air. With 3 different filters, this purifier enables easy removal of pollutants from the air.

400 sq ft coverage area

This air purifier has a great coverage area of 400 sq. ft. This is a huge space and therefore unlike any other devices available in the market, this device ensures covering your entire living room. This is a huge positive and differentiating point.

99.9% of pollutant removal

The assurance offered by this air purifier that it is capable of removing 99.9% of the pollutants. This not only includes pollutants. But also the harmful gases and microbes present in the air. Installing this air purifier will ensure breathing fresh and pure air.

Timer function

The air purifier has the amazing timer function which not only ensures consuming less energy but also will ensure longevity of the device. Hence, the 8 hour timer function keeps the device running on for the set time and not beyond that.

Auto mode

The amazing auto mode available in the device takes the control. Once you set the timer, with the auto mode present, it will detect the air quality and keep the fan speed as per the need. Once the set time is over, this purifier will switch off on its own.

Replacement indicator

The presence of the filter replacement indicator in this device is a great inclusion. This makes sure that you are always breathing fresh and purified air. Hence when there is a need for replacement, the indicator will give you the message for replacement.

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What Do We like

3 speed settings

This air purifier has been designed with the 3 speed fan control. This is therefore a great choice for the people as you can set the speed of the fan as per your requirement.

Great for people with allergic reaction

If you are someone who is allergic to dust and dirt, then this can be an ideal choice. You can immediately feel the difference in the air quality. You will find reduced trips to your doctor as o more you will be breathing the pollutants which is the prime reason for the allergy.

What We Don’t Like

Bit Noisy

Everything about this device is simply great except for the noise it makes. This noise is not unbearable but during the night when everything is low, it might become disturbance.


Dr. Morepen 49W Room Air Purifier APF-01 is a great choice for the people who are living in the urban cities with huge pollution level. This device has the filters which can efficiently remove the particle from the air and proffer fresh air. So get it installed today and breathe fresh air.

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