Blue Star BS-AP300DAI 444CMH 43-Watt Air Purifier Review

When it comes to breathing fresh air in today’s highly polluted environment, there is always a need for installing a great air purifier. Only these highly advanced devices enable absorbing the pollutants from the air and offer fresh and pure air. The market has definitely huge choices for you, but the Blue star brands offer some of the high-quality air purifiers that can efficient take away the pollutants and help you to breathe fresh air.

The Blue Star BS-AP300DAI 444CMH 43-Watt Air Purifier is one of their premium models that have been integrated with a range of features. They are perfectly designed to install in your home to ensure the wellbeing of your family. So let us have a look at the features of this air purifier.

Advanced 4 stages of purification

This air purifier has been designed to absorb the pollutants from the air and proffer fresh air. The inbuilt 4 stage purification system enables taking away the pollutants and keeps the environment completely clean.

It has the high-density prefilter in stage 1 which removes the fine dust particles, stage 2 consist of the HEPA filters which traps the bacteria and fine dust particles as well, stage 3 has the active carbon filter to absorb the VOCs, benzene, chemicals, and odor and stag 4 deactivates the airborne microbes.

Microbe deactivate technology

This is a unique feature of this filter which enables in deactivating the microorganisms present in the air. You can stay assured upon installing this air purifier that this device which deactivates all the microbes present in the air like ecoli, staphylococcus, and bacteria that can result in serious respiratory problems.

Real-time LED

This air purifier has been equipped with a great mechanism that aids in sensing air quality. As soon as the purifier detects any issues with the air quality, it immediately changes its color and indicates the issues present in the air.

Air quality sensor

The great sensor present inside the device enables in detecting the air quality. These are highly sensitive sensors that are known for their great performance. It immediately starts working as soon as the sensor detects pollutants in the air.

4 step fan speed

Not all the air purifier offers this feature to people. This air purifier has been designed with a 4 fan speed that enables you to change the fan speed as per the requirement. You can easily control the speed on your own.

Cleans 200mph

This air purifier has the ability to clean 200 meters per hour and hence is extremely very efficient.

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What Do We like

Great performance

This device is truly superb in its performance. You can immediately feel the difference in the air quality as soon as you install it. The filters are highly efficient in purifying bad air and foul smell present inside the room.

Amazing design

This air purifier has a great design that enables this device to install and set in any corner of the room. It can easily compliment any type of interior décor.

Silent in operation

The great thing about this purifier is that this purifier does not make a sound. Even when the purifier is not in the night mode, it is extremely silent and which makes it a great choice for the parents.

What We Don’t Like

No such cons were mentioned.


The Blue Star BS-AP300DAI 444CMH 43-Watt Air Purifier is known for its great performance and amazing ability to purify the air around you. Now that you have got the knowledge about this purifier, consider buying this purifier and enjoy breathing fresh and pure air.

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