Air purifier for Smokers (for allergies)

You will undoubtedly face the dilemma of smoke and odors inside your home if you are a smoker or live with a smoker. If you have any allergies or asthma, medicines are not the only solution nowadays.

There were times during which air purifiers were considered only for the ill people. Those days are long gone, and we know better than to inhale smoke or live with our asthma doing nothing. Air purifiers won’t fix everything, but it will reduce the effects to an extent.

Categories of smoking effects

Smoking is injurious to health. It may even cause you lung cancer, throat cancer, and many more disease. All the people around you get affected by it. The smoking effects are divided into three different categories.

First-hand smoke – This is pretty straight forward. The person who smokes cigarettes gets directly affected. Lungs are mainly affected by smoking.

Second-hand smoke – Also known as passive smoking, second-hand smoke can make existing health conditions such as heart disease and asthma worse. Someone is smoking around you, and you inhale the same air is the best example of this.

Third-hand smoke – Third-hand smoke is the residual nicotine that is left. Third-hand smoke clings to clothes, furniture, drapes, walls, bedding, carpets, vehicles, and other surfaces.

The health hazards of smoking

Smoking is one of the biggest reasons for illness and death all over the world. Smoking cigarettes increases your risk of developing more than 50 severe health conditions. Some of them are an irreversible long-term disease. Even if you do not smoke yourself, passive smoking can also make you ill.

Smoking causes around 70% of lung cancer around the world. Besides lung, it also causes cancer in many other parts of the body – throat, kidney, mouth, liver, pancreas, etc. The smoke in your lungs messes with your blood circulation resulting in a heart attack or stroke.

Types of air purifier filters for smoke and people with allergies

There are very few filters, which are useful for smoke and allergies. Smokes can be of different types, the one you can see and causes burning in your eye and the one that you cannot see or feel but is still effecting you internally when inhaled.

Smoke typePropertySuggested filter
Visible airborne particlesYou can see the particles in the smokeHEPA filter
Invisible microscopic particlesThey form the cigarette smellActivated carbon filter

Researches have shown that HEPA filters have always performed better in every aspect than any other filter. It is recommended to use HEPA filtered air purifier.

How can Air Purifiers for smoke help?

Not inhaling the second-hand smoke is in your hands by avoiding the people who smoke. The primary function of an air purifier is to draw in air from a room, pass it through filters that will remove dust particles and allergens. It then releases the clean air back into the environment.

Air purifiers remove smoke, smoke odor from the room, and also purifies other harmful chemical pollutants. It isn’t 100% effective but will do the job to an extent. HEPA filters and Activated carbon filters are capable of capturing a wide range of small and large-sized particles.


The best way to keep safe from smoke is to avoid it altogether. When that is not an option, using an air purifier containing these filters will help you to an extent and is also a smart choice to keep the air fresh for you and your family.

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