NutriChef Electric Air Fryer (PKAIRFR22) Review

Nutrichef offers some of the most excellent cutlery products and the finest cookware in the world. They provide a high-quality product for the satisfaction of its customers. NutriChef electric air fryer is hassle-free, and it comes with simple operation for food preparation. It is tested to prepare significantly healthier foods than traditional frying products. This air fryer comes with a slide-out frying basket and sound air circulation system.

Food basket

The food basket is non-stick coated, and has a slide-out feature. The food basket comes with a capacity of 2.2 liters. It is perfect for cooking any meal you desire. This air fryer’s basket doesn’t allow cooked food to stick on it; it prevents the difficulty of removing the sticky food when cleaning.


The design of this air fryer is excellent. It comes with black color design and a flat base with good support. The position of the handle and control knob is also good. The indicator display is bright. This air fryer is stain-resistant and easy to clean. It has a white color design at the top of the air fryer.

Control knob

The controls have both timer and temperature controls. The timer control can be pre-set for up to 30 minutes, and a temperature of 180 degrees F to 400 degrees F. The controls are simple and easy to use. It comes with an auto power-off feature that switches when the meal is ready.

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What Do We like

Rapid air technology

This air fryer comes with a rapid air system for even cooking. It can broil, bake, roast, fry, grill, and barbecue. The air fryer has air circulation convection oven-style vortex for even cooking. It helps to achieve tasty and low-fat foods with several benefits.

Cool-touch handles

The handle of this air fryer is neat and easy to use. The handle comes with black and white color, and it allows you to grip the basket when transferring the food to another location. The handle also prevents the basket from falling off whenever it is in use.

What We Don’t Like


The temperature description is in Fahrenheit, which may be difficult to relate because most air fryers come with a Celsius temperature unit. New and other users might find it challenging to operate because of this.


Nutrichef electric air fryer is a healthy oil-free frying alternative. It comes with a simple operation that helps to prepare your kitchen food efficiently. This air fryer has a useful insert food feature, set time and temperature feature, and more. The basket is Teflon non-stick coated, and it can roast and even barbecue. It has an excellent rapid air circulation system and touch handle.

It produces your meal excellently and uses less oil in doing so. With the rate at which it consumes oil, it will help you save a lot of money. You wouldn’t have to so much oil whenever you want to use it.

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