Inalsa Active Fry Light 4.2 L Air Fryer Review

Inalsa produces standard home appliances for customer comfort and satisfaction. It is one of the most popular brands in Europe. The Inalsa Fry Light 4.2 L Air Fryer has a power of 1400watts. It breaks down the calories, i.e., and it doesn’t use much oil. It operates on reduced oil. It makes fast French fries, casseroles, curries, beef, chicken breasts, sausages, and even desserts. The air fryer has a quick-release button. It comes with a timer that is used to set a time frame according to your cooking needs and the temperature requirement.

This air fryer has a family size basket with 2.9 Litres Food Basket and 4.2 Litres Cooking Pan capacity. For safety purposes, the Fryer switches off when the basket is taken out, and it also lets you know when there is overload in the fryer by overheating. It is also effortless to use and clean afterward.

Rapid Air Technology

This fryer does more than just frying, it grills, roast, and bake you desired food item. It has an innovative air circulation that breaks down the oil content and at the same time, make you healthy with low calories.


The Air Fryer comes with a timer knob that can be adjusted to whatever time you want. The device operates on a power of 1400 watts, so if the timer isn’t set, it could overheat and burn whatever you’re frying or roasting.

Quick-release button

The Air Fryer comes with a removable basket, so the release button is turned whenever you want to detach the basket for cleaning up, and then you could place the basket in again for use.


It comes with a family size basket. This Air Fryer serves the whole family, and it is very comfortable since it is a big basket. It makes cooking convenient and suitable for every occasion.

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What Do We like

Multiple jobs

It does more than just fry. The Inalsa Fry Light roasts, grills, and even toasts. With this air fryer, you could work on expanding your cooking abilities by trying more than frying. Also, the Air fryer produces crunchy, crispy food with just little oil.

Safety Mechanism

The Device goes off if the basket is taken out; it immediately senses that and turn off. Also, the Fry light knows when there is overload, and it becomes to over-heat when that happens.

Easy to use

Is easy to use. The instructions are all there so anyone could operate it. The timer is there, and it is with a knob that allows you to rotate to whatever temperature setting and the time frame you seek. The basket is there to make your cooking effortless, and the power it operates on makes it fast to cook whatever you need to.

What We Don’t Like

No such cons were observed.


The Inalsa Fry Light 4.2 L Air Fryer is a modern-day fryer that makes it convenient to express your cooking skills. With this, you could prepare a low-oil content food that soothes your heart’s desire.

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