Usha Frost VX CT 353 35-Litre Tower Cooler Review

Purchasing a new tower cooler can be pretty daunting because there are lots of brands and models that are available here in India. With regard to that, the first question that will come into your mind is the brand that will give you all your expectations and needs. This is where Usha has an edge among its competitors. It is an Indian brand that is known for its top-notch features and quality.

Their products are known not only locally but also worldwide which only shows that it is highly-credible and will meet all your needs. Just like this Usha Frost VX CT 353 35-Litre Tower Cooler, it is highly durable and has been remarkable because of its good characteristics. In order for you to know if it is the air cooler that fits your preferences let us now tackle its features.


Carbon Dust Filter

It removes dirt, bacteria, and smell in the air which results in better air quality throughout your house.

Inverter Capable

It promotes continuous usage and at the same time lessens your electricity consumption.

Integrated Caster Wheels

This feature gives you the ability to move the air cooler on your preferred place without the need to lift it.

Auto-Refill Feature

It refills the water tank automatically so that you will not have to manually refill the tank saving you time and effort.

Strong Motor

This air cooler has a strong and efficient motor that has the capacity to produce 2200 m3 per hour of air.

Motorized Louvers

This feature allows the louvers to move automatically without any need for manual intervention.

35-Liter Tank

35 liters for a water tank is a decent size already because it can already accommodate extended hours of use without the need to refill.


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What Do We like


Its casing is sturdy enough to withstand extended hours of use without breaking down.


This air cooler can be fitted easily on areas with limited space.

Hassle-Free Cleaning

You can clean this air cooler easily because its parts are easy to disassemble.

Amazing Design

This air cooler is known for its stylish design that will surely add up some elegance to your home.


Expect that you can figure out quickly how to use it because it has no complex mechanisms and at the same time includes a user manual when you buy it.

Easy Maintenance

Since it is a local brand you can expect that its spare parts are widespread throughout the country. This is the reason why you can buy its spare parts at an affordable price.

Low Electricity Consumption

It only consumes 190 watts of electricity making you save some money from your bills.

What We Don’t Like


Drain area is not properly built leading to leakage.


We are glad that you have reached this far in reading this informative review about a promising air cooler from Usha. This air cooler will bring you to new heights of excitement because of its outstanding performance and features. The time that you will spend at your house will truly be worthwhile with the help of this air cooler.

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