Usha Air King 70-Litre Desert Cooler (CD703M) Review

Usha has been providing promising products throughout the years of its existence from air coolers to sewing machines. A global company that originated here in India has been exporting its products globally because of its premium quality.

So if you are looking for an air cooler then this could be a great brand for you. This particular air cooler the Usha Air King 70-Litre Desert Cooler is perfect if you have huge rooms in your home. It can provide you the cooler air that you always wanted. This product will not let you down and it is guaranteed.

70 Liters Tank

The big water tank that this air cooler has will provide you with longer cooling experience without the need to refill it more often.

4-Way Air Deflection

This feature provides you with a better cooling experience as it utilizes the air inside your room.

3-Speed Cooling Option

It lets you choose the right intensity of cooling for your needs and preferences.


It allows you to enjoy the cool air without any interruption. This will also save you a lot of money from your electricity bills.

Motorized Louvers

This air cooler has motorized louvers which allow them to run automatically without the need to manually position them.

Low Water Alarm

It gives you a heads up if the water level is already low so that you will know when to refill the tank.

Memory Mode

It remembers your previous setting so that you will not need to reset it from time to time.

Child Lock

This makes children around the house to be safe from this specific appliance.

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What Do We like

Unique and Catchy Design

The design of this air cooler will bring you to new heights of excitement. It is fashionable and trendy giving your room the new and improved look that it deserves.


This air cooler is super easy to use as it does not have any hard to understand mechanisms.

Affordable Price

Despite its superb quality and elegant design, the price is still budget-friendly so that all households can afford it when they want to.

Easy to Clean

This air cooler can be easily cleaned when you want to because it has parts that can be easily disassembled.

Fresh Air

It has a very effective filtering system that lets you breathe a much better quality of air.

Hassle-Free Maintenance

Since Usha is a local brand you can expect that maintenance will be superbly easy once the product gets old and there are spare parts that need to be changed.


This air cooler won’t consume too much space because it is compact and can surely fit in almost any area of your house.

Three-Sided Honeycomb Cooling Media

It is a feature that gives better cooling inside your room. It also filters out dirt, bacteria, and smell inside your room for a nicer quality of air.

What We Don’t Like

The Water Indicator Is Sometimes Not Accurate

There are times that the water indicator does not provide accurate reading especially while you are filling the water tank.


That was a great discussion regarding this amazing air cooler by Usha. Now you have an idea of how useful and beneficial this product is then it is highly suggested for you to buy it now. You will surely get the most out of it and you are assured that your money is well-spent.

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