Orient Electric CD5003H 50-Litre Desert Air Cooler Review

When you are sick especially when you have a fever it is a must to have cool air present in your house. It will alleviate the agony that a person is experiencing when they have a fever. Putting an air-conditioner is a great idea however it requires a lot of maintenance and at the same time costly. Thankfully, there is a great invention which was called air coolers. They are more practical than using air-conditioners because they are more environment-friendly and at the same time consume lesser electricity.

With regard to that, Orient Electric has a treat for you. Its CD5003H 50-Litre Desert Air Cooler will bring you the satisfaction that you are looking for in an air cooler. Sit back and continue reading as we will tackle more of its features.

Dense Nest Honeycomb Pads

It filters out dirt, bacteria, and smell away from the air cooler releasing fresher air.

ABS and Glossy Body

Because of this attribute expect that this air cooler will not rust which is the primary reason why it will last long.

Anti-Bacterial Tank

This feature cleanses out the bacteria on the tank to ensure that the air that is coming out of the air cooler is always healthy to inhale.

3-Speed Motor

It allows you to choose the intensity of coolness depending on your needs and preferences.

Castor Wheels Feature

It has 4 wheels integrated beneath this wonderful air cooler which allows you to move it easily without hassles.

Inverter Compatible

It gives you an assurance that there will be no interruptions while it is running. At the same time, it will save you a significant amount of electricity.

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What Do We like

Unique Design

This air cooler will put up some style to your room because of its elegant exterior


This air cooler does not consume too much electricity which will save you tons of money from electricity bills. As a matter of fact, it only consumes 190 watts which are significantly lower compared to its counterparts.

Does Not Consume Too Much Space

This air cooler has a bearable size and weight that will let you put it even on limited spaces.

Good for the Health

It produces fresh air because it filters out dirt in the air which is absolutely good for your lungs.

Wide Coverage

It can throw air up to 60 feet which ensures that the room will be filled with cool air at all times.

What We Don’t Like

Hard to Clean

Since its water container does not have a big opening you will have a hard time cleaning it.


We hope you enjoyed this informative topic about the Orient Electric CD5003H 50-Litre Desert Air Cooler. You and your family will surely enjoy the wondrous benefit that this air cooler will bring and that is a guarantee. You will only experience it once you buy it so what are you waiting for? Buy it now and see how it can transform your home for the better.

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