Maharaja Whiteline Arrow Dlx CO-124 50 L Air Cooler Review

When it comes to that this air cooler it will not let you down because it has an outstanding quality that it is desirable to have for an air cooler. This specific product will take you to the next level of experience and will make you live your life with comfort.
Being ahead of the game is really crucial if you want to get the best of both worlds especially when choosing your appliances at home. With regards to that, this air cooler will bring you the promising features that it has so that you will be always satisfied when using it. Although there are lots of air coolers in the market right now only a few of them are true to their promise which is why it is important to be extremely careful when choosing.


50 Liters Tank

It gives you the privilege to enjoy the cool air for extended periods of time.

Strong Motor

The motor can provide a strong air throw that can accommodate rooms up to 400 square feet in 2000 m3 per hour.

Mosquito Net

Filters out unwanted insects especially mosquitoes to protect you and your family. Mosquitoes are also known to interrupt cooling appliances and this feature will stop that from happening.

Wood Wool Pads

This is perfect for providing fresher and much cooler air because it filters out dirt and bacteria as well as smell. It also allows you to clean the air cooler much easier because these pads are removable.

4-Way Air Deflection

With the help of the motorized louvers the air will be flown on all the corners of your room easily.

Shockproof Body

The body is sturdy enough to endure the various amount of shocks without deteriorating.

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What Do We like

Hassle-Free Cleaning

This air cooler has easy to detach components that make it easy to clean when necessary.

Wide Coverage

Since it has a strong motor you can expect a decent air throw that will surely fill your room with the coolest air possible.

Simple But Elegant Design

This air cooler will give your room a new look as it will enhance your room more due to its stylish design.

Low Power Consumption

The good thing about this air cooler is that it does not consume too much electricity saving you some money on your bills.

Space Saver

This air cooler does not consume too much space because it has a compact size that is why no worries if you do not have that much space in your house.

Affordable Price

The price of this air cooler is so cheap which is a good thing and most especially the cheap price does not compromise the quality that it has.

Non-Complex Design

Because of this you will not have a hard time using the air cooler even if it is your first time using it.

 No Leaks at All

You will not experience any leaks at all because the body is truly secured and does not have any gaps.

What We Don’t Like

A Little Bit Noisy

This air cooler emits some noise while in use which might be annoying for some.



Now you know that this air cooler will bring you forth folds of benefits then what you must do next? We suggest that you purchase it now and see the difference that it can give to your home. Every rupee is truly well spent once you buy this product.

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