Honeywell D60 60-Liter Air Cooler Review

The most incredible moments are said to be found at home especially when you are with your family. This is the reason why we must make the most out of our home as possible. One way of achieving it is by having nice ventilation at your home. However, it is hard or even impossible to achieve if you do not have any cooling appliances at home. So if you are on a budget and want to make your home better for good then this air cooler from Honeywell might be the best one for you.

This particular air cooler can accommodate mid to big-sized rooms without any difficulties. Take a grasp of its wonderful benefits by discussing more of its features below.

Copper Motor

This gives you an assurance that the motor will last longer giving you a lot of satisfaction.

3-Sided Honeycomb Pads

This provides better cooling as it filters out the dirt, bacteria, and smell in the air.

Oscillating Louvers

It gives the louvers the ability to move automatically so that you will not have to manually position it from time to time.

3-Speed Cooling Options

It will allow you to choose among the 3 cooling intensities that this air cooler can provide for a more satisfying experience.

2-Years Product Warranty

This air cooler has a 2-year warranty that comes along with the package to protect you in case there is an issue with the product.

60-Liter Water Tank

It provides you with longer sessions without the need to refill the tank with water from time to time.

Multi-Directional Wheels

This gives you the ability to move the air cooler in all directions by just pushing it so you can carry the Air Cooler in any room you want.

Efficient Motor

Its motor has the capacity to throw air up to 1540 CFM for maximum cooling.

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What Do We like

Clean and Elegant Design

It is always suggested to have a good-looking air cooler at home. By doing so, it will add up some personality to your room.


The size is pretty compact making it suitable for houses with limited storage and floor space.

Affordable Price

Even though it has decent features and quality, the price tends to remain budget-friendly which is a big advantage to all people who are planning to buy it.

Easy to Use

You will not have a hard time using this air cooler because it has easy to understand panel.

Low Maintenance

It does not require any crazy maintenance because maintaining it is really cheap saving you a lot of money.

Effortless Cleaning

It has removable pads that allow you to clean the air cooler easily and quickly.

What We Don’t Like

No Single Switch for Turning Off

There are 2 dails which you need to control and to switch off the Air Cooler.


We have finished another review of a great air cooler. We hope that you have learned a lot regarding this product that will help you decide if this is the air cooler that you are looking for. All we wish is good with your decision and we strongly suggest you try this one out to see the difference that it can give to your home.

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