Crompton Optimus 65-Litre Desert Cooler Review

In buying an air cooler the manufacturer must be well trusted so that you will have peace of mind that the product is worth it. When it comes to that, Crompton is a brand that you can trust. It is one of the leading brands here in India when it comes to cooling appliances and other types of appliances. Imagine, they have 10 million followers around the globe and 150,000 retail locations throughout India.

It is known that their line of air cooler products are truly amazing as well that is why when you are currently looking for an air cooler this one might be for you. This Crompton Optimus 65-Litre Desert Cooler will give you the features and quality that you deserve.

It is one of a kind, reliable, and true to its objectives to provide coolness in your room. This might be the best gift that you can give to yourself and your family.

Caster Wheels

No need to carry the air cooler anymore because it has wheels placed below them. You will just push and pull it whenever you want to move it.

XL Ice Chamber

This is where you can put ice cubes for a more guaranteed cooling experience.

Thick Honeycomb Cooling Pads

Filters out dirt, bacteria, and smell for a better quality of air.

Moisture Control Switch

This feature controls the moisture in the room and at the same time prolongs the life of the air cooler.

Inverter Capable

It will save you a lot of electricity and at the same time offer you an uninterrupted cooling experience.

Motorized Louvers

You do not have to position the louvers manually because it moves automatically for a more comfortable experience.

Motor Overload Protector

It safeguards the motor from acquiring damage due to overheating and power fluctuations.

AirSpeed Control

You can choose the preferred speed of yours for better cooling of your room.

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What Do We like

Large Maximum Tank Capacity

The 65-liter tank is enough to provide coolness to the air that this desert cooler produces for longer periods. This allows you not to refill the tank from time to time which will conserve you a lot of time and effort.

Outstanding Design

This is pretty normal for Crompton products because they integrate a topnotch design on every appliance that they make. So if you will put this air cooler to your home expect that you will beautify your room for sure.

Supreme Durability

This is the primary attribute that people love about Crompton products, the ability to last for extended periods of use. Just like this air cooler, it is built with the finest materials to guarantee the utmost durability of the product.

Easy to Clean

It has an auto drain system that spares you from the tremendous cleaning required every once in a while.

Superbly Compact

This air cooler can fit even in the most limited spaces inside your house. Aside from that, you can easily move it whenever you need to easily because of its bearable weight.

Affordable Pricing

Worry no more of not having to afford a wonderful product like this because Crompton sells it at a very affordable price.

Does Not Rust

It is made of materials specifically ABS plastic that does not accumulate rust making it a hygienic and long-lasting appliance to have.

Easy to Clean

Its mouth has a wide opening so that you can clean the inside of the air cooler without any difficulties.

Decent Air Flow and Throw

It can deliver air up to 5500 m3 per hour and can throw it at a distance of 55 feet in an area of 650 square feet.

What We Don’t Like

A Little Bit Noisy When in Use

It emits some noise while in use.


What a nice and informative discussion about this one of a kind product from Crompton. This air cooler might be the perfect choice to cool mid-sized to big rooms without any hassles. So consider buying this and you will surely experience a lot of benefits from it.

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