Bajaj Coolest Frio 23 Ltrs Personal Air Cooler Review

There are people who live alone in a small apartment and it can be really daunting especially when the hot season comes. Aside from that, some people want to have an air cooler that is portable that they can, bring whenever they go somewhere. This is why Bajaj Frio 23 Ltrs Personal Air Cooler has caught the attention of many.

This specific air cooler is portable, reliable, and at the same time budget-friendly. Aside from being cute, this air cooler will bring you comfort with just the right amount of power-saving you a lot of electricity. This magnificent air cooler can accommodate up to 150 square feet which are more than enough for personal use to ensure that your satisfaction is met.


Castor Wheel

It is integrated beneath the air cooler for better mobility so that you can move it from one place to another when necessary.

3-Way Speed Control

It allows you to choose the right intensity of coolness according to your needs and preferences.

Honeycomb Cooling Media

This is responsible for the clean and strong air that this air cooler produces. It also gives you the ability to easily clean it whenever you need to especially when it is already dirty.

Inverter Capable

This feature can save you a lot of electricity in the long run. It also helps to reduce greenhouse gases in the environment.

Ice Chamber Feature

It quickly cools the inside of the air cooler to provide better cooling experience.

Bed Level Air Throw

It has the maximum air throw of 30 feet and at the same time targets the appropriate areas in your room that need cooling.

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What Do We like

Energy-Saver: This air cooler only consumes 140 watts which are significantly lower compared to its counterparts.



It does not consume too much space that is why you can bring it anywhere you go. Perfect if you want to do a lot of sleepovers all year long.

Affordable Price

It has a budget-friendly price which makes it a really awesome product to buy especially if you have a limited budget.

Hassle-Free to Use

It has an interface that can be easily understood that is why you will surely figure out how it works really quickly.

Easy to Maintain

This personal air cooler does not have any complex mechanism. It also has parts that can be widely found locally.

Quiet Operation

The motor is superbly quiet which makes it desirable to use on all parts of the day.



What We Don’t Like

Weird smell is thrown out when it is in use.


It was a fun discussion regarding this amazing personal air cooler from Bajaj. Now you have some sort of knowledge regarding it then it is now time to try it out. This product will surely provide you the coolness that you need in your room. Indulge yourself for a more comfortable and relaxing life with the help of this appliance.

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