Whirlpool 1 Ton 5 Star Magicool Window AC Review

Whirlpool presents its Magicool 5s COPR model, which is a Windows AC with a capacity of 1 ton. The AC is economical and provides easy installation for the customer. It is built explicitly to cater to the need of the small-sized rooms, which have an area less than or equal to 110 sq ft. The AC comes with unique features such as Dehumidifier, which helps to reduce moisture in an AC.

The product coil and condenser are made up of 100% copper, which helps to provide a long lifespan, less corrosion cost, and low maintenance. It also helps in MPFI technology as it better in heat transfer as compared to other materials such as aluminum. The product box contains AC Unit, Remote Control, User Manual, and Warranty Card to reduce any inconvenience.

6th Sense Energy Saver

The product is equipped with a 6th sense energy saver, which uses the environment as its vital factor to set the temperature. The main task of this technology is to deliver the precise execution of the envisage temperature, which suits the customer’s needs. It utilizes its senses to automatically adjust the cooling depending on the room temperature, which assures that you maximize your saving on energy consumption.

Turbo Cool Function & MPFI Technology

The product uses MPFI technology to provide instant comfort and fast cooling with a smart fusion between circuit design and capillary design. Multi-Port Fluid Injection, i.e., MPFI, uses a peculiar 4×4 evaporator circuit design for the rapid exchange of heat in the AC. The usage of copper in condenser also helps in the functioning of MPFI. The result of this process is enhanced cooling capacity, i.e., up to 27% faster cooling and power savings

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What Do We like

Sleep Function

The product is equipped with “sleep function” to overcome the problem of uncomfortable cold nights. During the night time, the temperature falls, which leads to extra cooling creating an uncomfortable atmosphere for the users. So with the use of this function, you can set a time for the air conditioner to automatically adjust the temperature, ensuring a favorable climate for pleasant sleeping conditions.

Energy consumption 

The product comes with a 5 out of 5 in BEE star rating. It is best in class efficiency as it requires very minimal energy to operate, which ultimately reduces expenses on the electricity bills. The annual consumption of the product is 680 units, with the ISEER Value stands at 3.37.

What We Don’t Like


The various customer has said that they have a problem regarding installation. The technicians did not arrive on time. Customers also faced issues related to gas leakage as tubes are too light. These are a few cons, which the company should look into.


Whirlpool air-conditioner has various features such as 6th Sense EnergySaver, Turbo Cool Function & MPFI Technology. Pros such as Sleep Function & Energy consumption make it look compelling for the customer. However, it still needs to solve the issue, such as the Installation

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Yash Jain

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