Voltas 2 Ton 3 Star Alloy 243 CZO1R Split AC Review

These days, Air Conditioners are one of the recent developments in one’s home. No wonder, with the on-going climatic changes, these have become standard utilities in all the places. The best choice is all one yearns for. Thus, Voltas is here with it’s “2 Ton 3 Star Split AC (Alloy, 243 CZ01, White)”.

The product is exceptionally compatible for its 2 Ton capacity and 3 Star Energy ratings. The white color and elegant design blend well with your home interior. Apart from these, it does not compromise with safety standards, thereby making it consumer-friendly.


It is a Split-type AC which consists of a non-inverter compressor, holding an added advantage for every user. It ensures noise efficient operation at all times.

All Season Compatibility

The AC consists of technologies that cool during scorching summers, heat during chilling winters and dehumidifies during the monsoons. Thus, this can be used during all kinds of weather.

Sleep Mode

It maintains a specific temperature such that one need not bother about switching off the AC once it reaches the temperature. Also, in case you want to set your desired temperature, you can do it manually using the remote of the AC. The glow in the dark remote buttons guides you in the dark, making it easy to use.

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What Do We like

Energy Efficient

It is a 3 Star rated device that saves one from high electricity bills. It makes one’s life smooth and carefree.

Self Diagnosis

The features allow the AC to check for its mal functionings, abnormalities, and failures. It sets itself into an ideal mode automatically.


This is both durable and is affordable compared to inverter split ACs. Also, the use of R22 gas as a refrigerant and the alloy condenser coil supplements for its cost-effective nature.


It comes with a four-stage filtration system. The system removes dust, bacteria, allergens, etc. Hence, it ensures fresh and clean air, keeping you safe from diseases and allergies.

What We Don’t Like

 Remote Control

One might face problems with the prolonged use of remotes, either due to batteries or buttons.


You might have to buy a stabilizer to ensure safety. Thereby adding to the expense, increasing the overall cost of the setup.


The AC, due to its various features, especially the all-season compatibility makes it an ideal model. Apart from this, there is a specific warranty period for its different parts. Also, the company promises for a consumer-friendly environment with it’s 24*7 available customer service and the well-established service centers for the rescue of its customers. Thus, the Voltas AC is an excellent deal for those in search of a split ac.

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Hari Priya

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