Voltas 1.5 Ton 5 Star Inverter Window AC 185V DZA Review

Voltas is a leading brand in India which mainly deals with the manufacture of air conditioners and air coolers. The Voltas AC is of the best air conditioner for cooling purposes. The window air conditioner is better suited for the office cabins, hospitals as they have a capacity of 1.5 tons.

The air conditioner has a copper condenser coil for better cooling. It includes anti-bacterial filters, dust filters, etc. It also comes with a power consumption of 230 Volts. The white color air conditioner also features an attractive look that suits every kind of room.

Eco Mode

The air conditioner consists of the eco mode, which helps in reducing power consumption and preventing huge expenses on electricity bills.

Sleep Mode

The air conditioner consists of the sleep mode, which automatically sets the temperature according to the weather. It reduces excessive cooling and power consumption.

Multi-Stage Filter

The air conditioner consists of the multi-stage filter, which helps in preventing the growth of bacteria and dust particles. This feature helps in preventing hazardous respiratory diseases and provides fresh air.


The air conditioner comes with the self-diagnosis process. If any abnormalities and failures are noticed, it will reset automatically.

Copper Condenser Coil

The air conditioner is provided with the condenser coil, which is made up of copper, as copper helps in providing efficient cooling as compared to aluminum.

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What Do We like

Steady Cool Compressor

The Voltas air conditioner is powered by the constant cool compressor for efficient cooling and power saving. The air conditioner itself starts cooling efficiently at high temperatures and heats quickly at low temperatures.

Glow Button

The remote of the air conditioner is provided with the lightening button, which glows in the dark, and the user can easily set the temperature in the dark.


The air conditioner consists of an active de-humidifier, which automatically maintains the humidity level according to the weather requirement.

No Stabilizer

the air conditioner can operate at the range of 100-290 volts as it does not require any stabilizer for controlling the voltage fluctuation.

What We Don’t Like


It does not have a noise reduction facility, thereby produces some amount of noise.


The Voltas air conditioner is one of the best choices of the user as it ensures efficient cooling. The air conditioner has a capacity of 1.5 tons, which means that it is better suited for small-sized rooms, cabins, and hospitals.

The air conditioner has a multi-stage filtration technology, which helps in preventing the growth of the bacteria, dust particles. It provides cool and fresh air.

The condenser of the air conditioner is made of the copper coils for instant cooling. The air conditioner includes the active diagnosis technology, which helps in checking any of the abnormalities itself.

The air conditioner has the eco mode and the sleep, which helps in maintaining the temperature at night and reduces power consumption.

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