Lloyd 1.5 Ton 5 Star WLW19B52E Window AC Review

Lloyd is a leading brand of India that mainly manufactures consumer goods, home appliances like television, washing machine, cooler, air conditioner, etc. The products of the company are served all over the world. The Lloyd Window AC has a capacity of 1.5 tons, which means they are ideal for medium-sized rooms. The air conditioner is better suited for office cabins, hospitals, offices. It is user-friendly and consumes the power of 230 volts.

BLDC Motor

The air conditioner comes with the BLDC motor, which gives a power-packed performance by consuming less power. The BLDC motor is 30% more efficient than conventional motors.


The air conditioner has self-cleaning technology, which helps in automatically clean the evaporator coil. It removes dust, fungus, and bacteria to ensure fresh air.

Active De-humidifier

The air conditioner consists of an active de-humidifier, which helps in controlling the humidity, especially during the monsoon. It provides a comfortable environment.

Copper Coil

The air conditioner comes with the copper condenser. The condenser coil is made up of copper because copper helps in the efficient heat transfer and has long-term durability.

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What Do We like


The air conditioner has self-diagnosis technology, which helps in checking the errors if there is any. If the air conditioner undergoes any mistake, then it displays the code on the LED of the unit and energizes the AC’s protect function.


The air conditioner is eco-friendly. The R32 refrigerant helps in preventing the production of harmful gases, which causes global warming.

Clean Air Filter

The air conditioner features the new air filter technology, which helps in filtering harmful bacteria, dust particles, and fungus. This technology helps in preventing users from getting affected by harmful respiratory diseases and allergies.

Energy Efficient

The AC is energy efficient and does not consume much electricity. It has been rated five stars in energy-efficient. So, no worries about the huge electricity bills.

What We Don’t Like

Swing Issue

The auto vertical swing function of the AC is not as it needs to be.


The Lloyd air conditioner is one of the best choices of the user as the air conditioner is long-lasting due to its more advanced features. The air conditioner has a capacity of 1.5 tons, which suggests that they are better suited for a medium-sized room. The durable condenser coil of the air conditioner is made up of the copper material so it can reduce power consumption.

The self- diagnosis technology of the air conditioner automatically checks for abnormality and displays its code. The air conditioner is very much eco-friendly due to its refrigerant R32 technology. The air conditioner consists of the active dehumidifier and filter, which prevents the growth of the harmful bacteria and fungus and provides the fresh air to breathe in.

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Pranshi Agarwal

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