Lloyd 1 Ton 3 Star Inverter Split AC (LS12I32AL, White) Review

The latest innovative technology of Air conditioners has attracted the eyes of the audience. These are the most significant utility that almost every place is equipped with. Participating in the same, Lloyd has introduced it’s “1 Ton 3 Star Inverter Split AC (Copper, LS12I32AL, White )”.

The elegant design makes it stand-out in every modern home. It comes with a 3 Star rating in terms of energy efficiency. Also, it has an excellent capacity of 1 ton along with the two-way swing and multi-fold evaporator.

10 Step Inverter Compressor

It is a split AC with a twin rotary inverter compressor that creates low noise. It also adjusts the power according to the load fluctuations, which, along with the BLDC Motor, helps one for saving on electricity.


It has an outstanding capacity of 1 ton that is known to be best suitable for small-sized rooms.

4D express cooling

These devices take up the air from all the four sides, reducing the run time of the compressor. Also, its electronic expansion valve adjusts the refrigerant flow. Hence, it provides for efficient cooling conditions.

100% Copper

The 100% copper condenser coil and the gold fin coils ensures better cooling. It also requires low maintenance for the ease of the customers.

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What Do We like


The device is equipped with PM 2.5 Filter that filters out all the germs, dust, and other particles present in the atmosphere. Thus, it provides a healthy and hygienic environment for the users to breathe in.


It helps in regulating the humidity in the room with its active dehumidification feature. It removes extra moisture, especially during monsoons. Hence, AC always ensures optimal comfort.


The device is rated as 3 Star in terms of energy with an annual consumption of around 732.62 units. It minimizes the expenses of electricity bills.

Self Diagnosis

The device checks for any abnormalities or failures and sets itself automatically. Thus, it does not disturb users with minor issues.

What We Don’t Like


Air Conditioners are mostly expensive. Unless they come with a proper EMI or discount option, these may not be an easy reach to every section of the society.

Skin issues

The prolonged use of these devices may lead to dryness of skin and heat intolerant.


The device comes with specific warranty periods for various parts. Also, these are easy to use and require low maintenance. It’s 24*7 helpline service allows the customers to communicate their issues with the experts and get it solved immediately. Thus, it is a consumer-friendly option to go for.

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