LG 1 Ton 5 Star Inverter Split AC (KS-Q12YNZA) Review

LG Electronics is a Korean electronics company based in Seoul, South Korea. They are one of the oldest companies to conduct business in India. They also manufacture television, refrigerators, smartphones, monitors, and air conditioners, etc.

This inverter technology split ac from LG comes with many different features at an affordable price. LG has always provided one of the best products. Let’s compare the features, pros, and cons to see if its worth buying or not.

Inverter technology

This LG inverter split ac uses a variable speed compressor that saves the power consumption up to 50% compared to a non-inverter ac. This inverter technology, combined with the energy-saving rating consumes way less electricity than it should.

Himalayan cool

LG provides the Himalayan cool technology for faster cooling. As soon as you turn on the ac, it will take no time to cool the air temperature of your room. The instant cooling lets you feel comfortable and relaxed with just the touch of a button.

Stabilizer free

This split air conditioner can operate on a low frequency and comes with a built-in stabilizer too. This does not require you to purchase a stabilizer separately. No hidden expenses for this ac.

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What Do We like

Dual inverter compressor

The dual inverter compressor from LG is pretty insane. This works so efficiently that it consumes very little power as well as it will operate silently. The noise this unit produces while operating is around 30-35 decibels, which are almost nothing. The cooling will be perfect, and you will be able to sleep comfortably without any noise.

Copper condenser coil

Copper is known as one of the best heat exchangers. The repair and replacement of copper coils are very easy. It needs no maintenance at all, and the cost is very low. The durability of these coils is great and particularly made for typical Indian regions. It comes with anti-corrosion ocean black protection that ensures a longer lifespan. The outdoor unit is protected from the smoke, sand, and pollutants, etc.

Active energy control

This LG air conditioner has been rated with five energy-saving stars. It is efficient and consumes very little power. LG has provided a four-step energy control, especially for the summertime. At that time, the power consumption of this unit saves up to 57% of energy. The ISEER value of this unit is 4.7, and the annual power consumption of this 1-ton unit is only 572 units, which means around 48 units a month only.

Dust protection filter

It come with a protective dust filter in them, so when the ac circulates the cool air and releases it back into the room, it comes through the dust protection filter. This way, you will be breathing somewhat of a dust-free air.

Low refrigerant

This air conditioner can detect itself if the refrigerant levels come down. This causes your room to become hot and makes you feel uncomfortable too. This makes the ac works harder and increases electricity bills. Detecting this would not only decrease the workload of the ac but also will save you money.


Most of us think that air conditioners are only for summer and they can only provide cool air. This LG ac with weatherproof technology will remove the moisture from the air in the rainy season and will provide you with your desired comfort. Also, it will sense the temperature automatically and work accordingly, reducing energy consumption.

What We Don’t Like

No cons were observed.


This 1-ton air conditioner from LG can cool a room of 100-110 sq. Ft properly. This one is loaded with advanced and latest features at this price. Starting from the dual inverter compressor to working as an air purifier, this one has it all. This will fit your budget and meet your requirements too. LG is a trustworthy brand, and you should go for this air conditioner without thinking twice, it’s worth the money.

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Koushik Mondal

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