Hitachi 1.5 Ton 3 Star Inverter Split AC RSH317HBEA Review

Hitachi Ltd. is a multinational company based in Tokyo, Japan. This is a trustworthy brand and has gained customers’ trust since 1910. This is one of the leading brands all over the globe.

This 1.5-ton inverter split ac from Hitachi is a mid-ranged and compact sized. The shockproof outer body is excellent, and cleaning this split air conditioner is also very easy. Let’s talk about its features, pros, and cons to know more about it.


Inverter technology

This air conditioner from Hitachi is of inverter technology. It works like the accelerator of any car. It gives juice to the compressor only when it needs more juice to work. The compressor is always on and working like any other non-inverter ac but consumes less power (depending on the thermostat level).

360 degrees air

This powerful 1.5-kilowatt compressor combined with the high-speed fan of the ac spread the air 360 degrees and help to reach every corner of your room. It makes the room temperature cooler all over and keeps it stable for long.

Anti-bacterial filter

Having an anti-bacterial filter in your ac helps to remove the harmful irritants from the air and purifies the air before recirculation into the room. This benefits a person with asthma.

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What Do We like

Tropical compressor

The compressor of this ac is of decent quality and does the job of circulating the refrigerant properly. The longevity and durability are pretty good, and it consumes very little energy for being equipped with the latest inverter technology.

Copper condenser coil

This is a well-known fact that copper is a better heat exchanger. This ac comes with copper condenser coils that are stronger and also very easy to repair and replace as well. The maintenance of copper coils is very low. Also, copper coils are corrosion resistant and are very durable.


Two types of timers are found in an air conditioner. One will let you select the number of hours you want the ac to run. Once it reaches that number, it will automatically turn off itself.

The second one is you can select a temperature and then set a timer to it. When the ac reaches your selected temperature, it turns off — no need to be awake to execute any of these tasks anymore.


This Hitachi air conditioner has been rated as a 3-star energy-saving unit. This will cost you much lesser for having the energy rating as well as the inverter technology compressor. It will not increase your electricity bills.

Quality test

This air conditioner has gone through many tests. It has passed 43 quality tests in terms of filtering the air, providing and spreading cool air, and working as a dehumidifier too. These tests were done on the Hitachi labs under expertise.


In the summertime, humidity is one of the biggest problems for many people. Some of the newer models, such as this one, can work as a dehumidifier as well. When it pulls the air from your home, it removes the moisture from it, cools the air then releases back to the room. It dispels the moisture through its drainage system.

What We Don’t Like


Hitachi recommends you to use a stabilizer for the air conditioner. So if the power fluctuates, the internal parts of the ac won’t get damaged or short-circuited. Some of the 1.5-ton air conditioners come with a built-in stabilizer, so compared to those, it is a con of this unit.


This Hitachi AC is one of the finest in the market. The compressor is long-lasting, and the features of this unit at this mid-price range are fantastic. Hitachi gives you a 1-year warranty on the product, one year on the copper condenser, and five years on the compressor.

This 1.5-ton ac can cool a medium-sized room. If this fits your budget and requirement, then go for this product.

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Koushik Mondal

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