Hitachi 1 Ton 3 Star Inverter Split AC RSFG311HCEA Review

Hitachi offers beautifully designed Air Conditioners for providing a high-end cooling solution at home.  The Hitachi RSFG311HCEA inverter split AC gives flawless cooling without digging a hole in your pocket. It makes possible a relaxed, luxurious time inside your house, even when there is blistering tropical heat outside or humid monsoons. The model comes with a 1-ton capacity, making it ideal for small rooms.

Air Conditioner Capacity

The Hitachi RSFG311HCEA AC has a 1 ton capacity with an approximate coverage area of 130  Sq. Ft. and 12.08  Sq. M. Its cooling capacity is 3516 Watts. The 1-ton capacity cools an area efficiently is absolutely no time and is perfect for small-sized rooms.

Plug Details

The Hitachi AC requires a power of 1110  Watts and a voltage rating of 230 V. Its frequency rate is 50 Hz and has a single phase.


The inverter split AC has a high energy saving tendency. Its standard energy efficiency is three stars, and the Indian Seasonal Energy Efficiency Ratio (ISEER) is 3.80. The model saves expenses on your electricity bills.


It comes with a rotary type compressor that operates at high speed. It is easy to lubricate and has low maintenance. It uses 100% copper coils. Hence, it is highly resistant to heat, making it long-lasting.


The Hitachi Inverter AC has R410A  type refrigerant. It comes with an environmentally friendly refrigerant R-410A, which doesn’t contribute to ozone layer depletion. It is also power-efficient and ensures the most exceptional cooling. Hence, it reduces the cause of global warming.

Noise Level

It has deficient noise production. Its indoor unit produces 37 dB of sound. Hence, you get an undisturbed and peaceful sleep at night.


The Hitachi RSFG311HCEA inverter split AC uses copper connecting pipe of length 25 meters. Its condenser coil is copper too.  The other body features a pre-coated indoor unit with aluminum fins.

Copper has a high conductivity of electricity and is more durable than aluminum as a condenser coil. It makes sure your AC doesn’t give away after a few years. Its pre-coated indoor unit aluminum fins prevent corrosion. It also prevents damage and gives durability to the AC.

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What Do We like


It offers a large panel of custom options to fulfill your requirements as per the need of the hour. It has a dry mode for a humid climate. It also comes with a soft dry mode and variable fan speed.

Supported Auto Restart

It comes with the auto-restart function. The AC resumes cooling with the same configuration as has been set prior. It saves you from the hassle of resetting the temperature settings after a power cut.

Additional Features

The clean filter indicator ensures a dust-free experience. It notifies you when the filter requires cleaning so that the air you breathe in is always clean and fresh. The AC also features a defrosting sensor for preventing overcooling.

Tropical Inverter

This AC works best for tropical climates. It functions best up to 52 degree C. It has switchable modes for the dry or humid environment and cools accordingly. 

What We Don’t Like

Remote Control

The quality of the remote control was not up to the mark. Also, it consumes battery power.


The Hitachi RSFG311HCEA Inverter Split AC is a perfect tropical AC model. It has intriguing features for the best possible cooling. It saves electricity while efficiently giving you a luxurious time. It does little to no harm to the environment. It is undoubtedly an investment for relief from the ever-rising hot summer temperature.

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Hetavi Rudani

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