Godrej 1.5 Ton 5 Star Inverter Alloy GIC18 LAH 5 GWQG Split AC Review

Godrej India has an impressive range of new Air Conditioners. The AC is built with precision technology and Energy-saving green components. The Godrej Inverter Split AC is one of India’s most power-saving Green Inverter ACs. It is smart, sustainable, and efficient and has many appealing features that are sure to turn some heads around.


The Godrej GIC18 LAH 5 GWQG Split AC has a capacity of 1.5 Ton and a cooling capacity of 5300 W. It has a power input of 1380 W. It has an energy conservation star rating of 5 Star. Its airflow value is 1100 CMH. It has Evaporator Blue Fins and a PFC condenser with Nano coating.


The Godrej GIC18 LAH 5 GWQG is versatile. It has various modes to create a comfortable experience. The modes are Cool / Auto / Dry / Fan / Sleep / ECO.

Green Inverter Technology

Green Inverter Technology is a combination of Green Balance Technology and Inverter Technology. It helps the Godrej GIC18 LAH 5 GWQG achieve the highest energy-efficiency in an environment-friendly way by using the world’s most eco-friendly refrigerant (R290).

3X BLDC Technology

Godrej GIC18 LAH 5 GWQG has the 3X BLDC Technology. The Inverter AC comes with 3 BLDC motors. One of those for the IDU, second for the ODU, and third is for the compressor motor. This smart logic controls the operation of the three engines. It results in higher energy efficiency.

Golden Fin Anti-corrosion nano-coating           

The Godrej GIC18 LAH 5 GWQG has Golden Fin Anti-corrosion nano-coating. The unique gold nano-coating is given to the condenser fins. This is to provide an anti-rust coating. It increases the life of the condenser.

Comfort features 

It has a precision cooling and silent operation with only up to 40 dB sound. It has an active Carbon Filter and an anti-Bacterial Filter. It also has an acoustic jacket on the compressor with an anti-freeze thermostat.

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What Do We like

Intelligent Air Throw Mode (IAT) & User Defined Air Throw (UDAT)

The Godrej GIC18 LAH 5 GWQG  has smart technology. It has an Intelligent Air Throw mode that senses the room temperature and automatically adjusts the air throw. It helps avoid continuous high air throw, preventing concerns like dryness of skin and fatigue.

The User Defined Air Throw Mode enables the selection of the air throw from minimum to maximum as per the preference. This leads to maximum comfort.

Silver Ion Filter               

The innovative silver on the filter of the Godrej GIC18 LAH 5 GWQG  is an excellent solution for controlling the growth of microbes such as bacteria, viruses, fungi, and spores.

Anti-Dust Filter

When it comes to your health, the Godrej GIC18 LAH 5 GWQG makes sure to give you the best. With its special health filter that helps remove different types of dust particles like hair, smoke, spores, Blow, Anti-Fungal, Self Clean, it will surely enhance your user experience.

Turbo Cooling        

The AC gives instant and precision cooling. With its Turbo mode, it provides active cooling within no time.

What We Don’t Like

Mediocre silent operation

The Godrej GIC18 LAH 5 GWQG has a slightly noticeable sound during operation, which could have been lower to create a more pleasant and smooth user experience.


The Godrej GIC18 LAH 5 GWQG is an excellent choice for an environmentally friendly air conditioner that promises not to contribute to ozone depletion. It still functions amazingly like a great air conditioner with flawless operation.

If you are looking for a pollution guilt-free cooling device, the Godrej GIC18 LAH 5 GWQG should be your pick. To add to its amazing ecological features, its R290 is the Lowest Global Warming Refrigerant. It is undoubtedly a device worth a try.

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Hetavi Rudani

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