Daikin 1.8 Ton 2 Star FTQ60TV Split AC Review

Daikin presents its air conditioner that features a capacity of 1.8 tons. It is specially built to cater to the need of large-sized rooms (151 sq ft to 200 sq. ft). The Daikin split AC is made with the Copper Condenser Coil, which provides better cooling with its cooling capacity of 6.4 kW or 21800 Btu/h and low maintenance. The product has a warranty of 1 year one year on the condenser and five years on compressor.

The product comes with the Stabilizer free function, which helps to protect it from voltage fluctuation in the range of 161 V to 264 V. Now, you can easily detect errors through the use of self diagnose. It identifies the failure and displays it on the remote, allowing you to report it to the service center for a quick resolution.

Econo Mode & Good Sleep Off Timer

The primary task of this function is to limit maximum power consumption. The primary use of this starts when you are using the air-conditioner and electrical devices simultaneously on a shared based in the same electrical circuit. The other option to prevent excessive cooling of the room is to set the temperature shift value, which means that your air-conditioner will automatically stop after the preset time.

R32- Befriending with the environment

The Green Refrigerant has certified as zero Ozone Depletion Potential (ODP) and Modified Global Warming Potential (GWP) of 472, whereas R410A has Modified GWP of 2,027. It also helps in making recycling a more manageable process. It has the lowest total emission and good overall life cycle, which makes it best in terms of climate performance.

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What Do We like

Power Chill Operation & Indoor Unit Quiet Operation

It is beneficial when the climate is too hot, and you require a cooling effect. It ensures that your heat (temperature) drops significantly, especially at the time of summer. Hence, it provides immediate relief from the rising temperature. The product ensures a low noise level. It set a low noise level as per the speed of the airflow.

Coanda Airflow & Neo Swing Technology

The Airflow function ensures a cool atmosphere to provide you with the best experience. The air draft is steered upward for air circulation in the room corners instead of being directly on the head of the person. Neo swing helps decrease vibration and friction. Also, it helps in the prevention of leakages of refrigerant gas.

What We Don’t Like

Absence of Accessories

The product does not come with Power cable and drainage pipe. Also, the  Copper pipe is short for standard installation, which increases the additional cost of the customer as they have to buy the extra pipe to expand its reach.


Daikin air-conditioner has various features such as Econo Mode & Good Sleep Off Timer and R32. Pros such as Power Chill Operation & Indoor Unit Quiet Operation and Coanda Airflow & Neo Swing Technology AC make it more feasible for the customer. However, it still needs to solve the issue, such as Absence of instrument

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Yash Jain

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