Daikin 1 Ton 2 Star FTQ35TV Split AC Review

Buying an air conditioner is quite an investment to make. So if you are shelling out money, then the product should be worth the price.

The feature-packed Daikin air conditioners are energy efficient and provide the best user experience.

Econo Mode

The Econo mode reduces the power consumption of the air conditioner, making it energy efficient. Often when air-conditioners and other electrical devices simultaneously share an electrical circuit, energy consumption tends to be high. This mode helps you reduce electricity bills.

Power Chill Operation

Power chill operation brings down the temperature of the room, rapidly. It facilitates instant cooling for instant comfort during extreme heat conditions.

Self Diagnosis

The smart air conditioner detects the errors automatically and reflects the related code on the remote screen. The user can self diagnose fault by merely pressing the key mentioned in the manual and report it to the Daikin service center.

Stabilizer Free

Daikin Air-conditioners can be protected within the range of 161 V to 264 V with a stabilizer free feature.

Indoor Unit Quiet Operation

This feature enables undisturbed sleep and comfort, ensuring the level of noise made by the air conditioner is low. It optimizes the speed of the airflow according to the moderate noise level.

Coanda Airflow

Coanda airflow operation prevents the powerful air draft from falling directly on the head; instead, it steers it upward, letting air circulate into the corners of the room. Hence, it creates a comfortable ambiance.

Good Sleep Off Timer

Sleep off Timer controls the temperature of the room and prevents excessive cooling at night. It sets a temperature shift value while you sleep. The air conditioner automatically stops working once the preset time has elapsed and helps conserve electricity.

Neo Swing Technology

The neo-swing compressor facilitates smooth rotation by decreases friction and vibration. It also prevents leakage of refrigerant gas during compression.


R32 is a Green Refrigerant that has zero Ozone Depletion Potential (ODP) and Modified Global Warming Potential (GWP) of 472. It is a single component refrigerant, which makes it easy to recycle and offers the lowest harmful gas emissions. Thus, it is ecofriendly. R32 does not cause ozone depletion potential and has low global warming potential.

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What Do We like


Coanda airflow helps the cold air circulate to every corner of the room. It prevents the powerful air draft from falling directly on the head, and provides a comfortable ambiance.

Energy efficient

The Econo mode reduces power consumption by the air conditioner, making it energy efficient. This mode helps you reduce electricity bills.


Sleep off timer prevents excessive cooling of the room by automatically switching off the air conditioner after the preset time has been reached even after the user has fallen asleep. Also, neo-swing technology prevents leakage of refrigerant gas and friction. Also, the auto diagnosis feature auto-detects errors and enables the smooth working of the air conditioner.


R32 is a Green and a single component refrigerant. It is easy to recycle and offers the lowest total emissions. Thus it is ecofriendly.

Quick cooling

The power chill operation enables the rapid cooling of the room for immediate comfort by dropping the temperature of the room rapidly.

Additional benefits

Apart from the hassle-free installation, the air conditioner comes with a 1-year warranty on the product, one year on condenser, and five years on the compressor.

Low maintenance 

The copper condenser coil enables better cooling and facilitates low maintenance.

What We Don’t Like


The performance of the air conditioner is inconsistent. It performs pretty well in the initial days but does not work for up to its efficiency for three years.

No indicator

The air conditioner does not have a temperature indicator, and the display cannot be seen in the dark.


This Daikin air conditioner comprises of Econo mode that saves electricity while the power chill operation ensures instant cooling. It comes with an auto diagnosis feature. It uses R32 refrigerant gas, which does not cause ozone depletion. The sleep off timer and neo-swing technology make it an ideal air conditioner.

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Purba Bhattacharjee

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