Blue Star 1 Ton 5 Star Inverter Split AC (IC512QATX) Review

The Blue star is a leading brand specializing in designing, manufacturing and marketing a wide variety of products like air conditioners, water purifiers, air coolers, water coolers, cold storage, deep freezers, chillers, and bottled water dispenser. The Blue Star AC has a capacity of 1 ton, which suggests that it is suitable for small-sized rooms. It consumes a power of 230 volts.


Precision Cooling Technology

It consists of precision technology, which allows users to set the temperature to any precise figure such as 24.5 degrees Celsius. You can enjoy a comfortable atmosphere.

Brushless DC Motor

The air conditioner consists of the brushless DC motor, which helps in reducing noise, even at a high rotational speed.


The remote has an in-built remote sensor, which ensures a comfortable atmosphere to breathe in. The user can enjoy the instant cooling of the room.

Auto Restart

The air conditioner comes with auto-restart technology to ensure that it resumes working from the last saved presets.

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What Do We like

Dust Filter

The air conditioner comes with dust filter technology, which helps in trapping the minute dust particles. It delivers pure and fresh air to breathe in.

Comfort Sleep

The comfort sleep technology, which automatically sets the temperature by sensing the indoor temperature at night. The user won’t have to adjust the settings repeatedly.


The self-clean technology suggests that the air conditioner prohibits the accumulation of any moisture, mold, and dust. Hence, it helps in delivering fresh and pure air.


The self-diagnosis feature alerts an abnormality in the air conditioner. An error code is displayed on the screen so that the user can immediately complain at a respective center.

What We Don’t Like

No Copper Condenser

The air conditioner does not have a copper condenser, which means it is less efficient in cooling. It has an aluminum condenser.


The blue star air conditioner is one of the best choices as it ensures efficient cooling. It has a capacity of 1 ton, which suggests that they are mostly suitable for small rooms. The air conditioner is consists of the auto-restart technology due to which it starts automatically with the same setting after the power failure.

The sleep mode automatically sets the temperature by sensing the inner temperature. iFeel technology ensures a comfortable environment while the dust filter technology helps in preventing the accumulation of the dust particle hence provide the fresh and pure air. Hence, it is a suitable option to consider buying.

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Pranshi Agarwal

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