Blue Star 1.25 Ton 3 Star Inverter Split AC IC315AATU Review

The Blue Star is a leading brand specializing in designing, developing, manufacturing, and marketing a wide variety of products like air conditioners, water purifiers, air coolers, water coolers, cold storage, deep freezers, chillers, and bottled water dispensers. It features a capacity of 1.25 tons, which suggests that it is better suited for small-sized rooms. The air conditioner is one of the best choices for smaller families.

Auto Restart

It consists of the auto-restart technology, which helps in automatically starting the air conditioner with the same setting after the power failure. The user does not have to change the temperature repeatedly.

Turbo Mode

The turbo mode ensures the fastest cooling of your room within minutes. The air is distributed uniformly in the whole room.


The air conditioner has the iFeel technology that quickly senses and detects the temperature around the user. It sets the temperature automatically to provide a comfortable environment.

Health Mode and Blow Clean

The ac has the health mode and blow clean feature, which helps in preventing the accumulation of any moisture, dust particles, mold. It provides fresh and pure air at all times.

Anti-Freeze Thermostat

It consists of the anti-freeze thermostat safety feature, which helps in stopping the compressor. The temperature is maintained automatically according to climate.

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What Do We like


The air conditioner has self-diagnosis technology, which automatically checks the abnormality and alerts faulty operation immediately. The error code will display on the screen so that the user can directly complain to the respective service center.

Dust Filter

It comes with the dust filter, which helps in trapping small dust particles, dust mites, and other small particles. Hence, it ensures fresh and clean air.

Comfort Sleep

The sleep mode helps in automatically setting the temperature according to the temperature inside the room. Hence, it delivers a comfortable environment to sleep during the night.


The air conditioner is user-friendly and eco-friendly as it consists of the refrigerant R22, which helps in preventing the production of the various harmful gases which cause global warming.

What We Don’t Like


The ac creates noise during operation, which may disturb users.


The ac is eco-friendly as well as user-friendly. The capacity of 1.25 tons makes it ideal for small-sized rooms. It is equipped with the self-diagnosis technology, which automatically checks the abnormality and displays the error code on the display screen.

The turbo cooling facility helps in the immediate cooling of the room. Moreover, it provides comfortable sleep during the night by adjusting the suitable temperature automatically.

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Pranshi Agarwal

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