Blue Star Window AC 1.5 Ton, 5 Star Rating 5W18GA Review

Blue Star is a trusted brand in India, known vastly for its quality production of electronics. It has a great variety in its collection of window ACs that are stylish, elegant, and good looking and has all the latest features.

The Blue Star 5W18GA Window AC  has eye-catching features. It is molded with precision and smartest of the available technology. It has all the right things you are looking for in your ideal model of an air conditioner.

Substantial capacity

The Blue Star 5W18GA Window AC has a considerable capacity. It has powerful cooling through its 1.5-ton capacity. It is suitable for a medium-sized room with a coverage area of up to 150 sq.ft.

Energy-saving capacity                  

The Blue Star window ac has a rating of 5 stars for energy conservation. The energy-efficient model saves the cost of electricity bills.

Antifreeze thermostat

The air conditioner has a smart sensor technology that enables it to overcooling the room and itself. This is because it pertains to an anti-freeze thermostat.

Rotary compressor

The rotary compressor of the Blue Star window ac has an upgrade from its traditional production. It is made highly efficient to last you longer than ever before, depleting maintenance charges.

Hydrophilic blue fins

The Blue Star 5W18GA window ac has hydrophilic blue fins. It helps the air conditioner to work best in humid regions as well. 

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What Do We like

Enhanced structuration

It has new modes to increase its utility, such as sleep mode, auto mode, heat mode, dry mode, and fan mode. The model also comes with an auto-restart function that prevents you from having to reset the settings after a power cut.

Adjustable fan speed

It comes with a variable fan speed control. This helps in controlling the coolness of the room according to one’s desired level of comfort.

Easy cleaning

It has a beautiful structure. The ac is made with explicit formation to detach and clean thoroughly for better user experience.

Semi silent operation

The Blue Star window ac has a noise production of 52 dB. It is considerably way lesser than a generic window ac. Hence, the noise-efficient model ensures sound sleep at night.

What We Don’t Like

The R22 refrigerant

The Blue Star 5W18GA window ac has a coolant of the type R22. It is considerably better than the CFC. However, it is still slightly harmful to the environment.


The Blue Star 5W18GA Window AC has variable modes and comfort technology. It has an energy conservant built that gives a powerful cooling at the same time. The AC certainly will add to the beauty of your home and give you the luxury of comfort you desire at the best cost value.

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Hetavi Rudani

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