Blue Star 1.1 Ton 5 Star Window AC 5W13GA Review

Buying an air conditioner is making a considerable investment. One must be very clear in the head about the features he is looking for in an AC, his expectations and his needs, and if his budget allows it. Finding all these requirements in an AC is difficult but not impossible as Blue Star Window ACs are economical, easy to install, and an ideal choice for families living in a small space.

Blue Star has always been a trusted brand when it comes to electronic products, and the LA series Window AC facilitates superior cooling. The window AC is available in various capacity ranges.

Copper condenser coil

Copper is very durable, and it is anti-corrosive to withstand high pressures. It allows faster flow of refrigerant, a better rate of heat transfer compared to aluminum coils, and results in better cooling at a low maintenance cost.

Dust Filter

Filter traps and removes dust, bacteria, and harmful contaminants from the air to provide you a safe and healthy environment.


The air conditioner comes with a unique self-diagnosis feature auto-detects faults in operation immediately, and the error codes make it easy to solve issues. Soon, the air conditioner starts working quickly.

Auto Restart with Memory Function

The AC comes with an auto-restart function in addition to memory function. At times of power cut, the air conditioner keeps track of the last setting. It automatically resumes functioning with the same presets, so the user does not have to pick cooling preferences all over again.

High-efficiency Rotary Compressor

The highly energy-efficient rotary compressors of the air conditioner function as a built-in accumulator to increase cooling performance and efficiency by consuming very low energy, reducing costs.

Sleep Mode

The AC automatically senses temperature variations in the rooms and accordingly adjusts the room temperature automatically to provide a comfortable and sound sleep.

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What Do We like


The Self Clean feature helps clean the evaporator coil to prevent dust, fungus, and any other allergen or contamination that can cause breathing problems or severe health ailments. It ensures fresh and clean air at all times.

Highly energy efficient 

The AC has an Annual Energy Consumption of 878.61 units, comes with a 5-star energy rating, is economical, and saves energy. So no more worries about high electricity bills.


The AC self-diagnoses and detects errors. The auto-restart function with memory function saves the user time and energy of choosing the cooling preferences all over again after a power cut.

What We Don’t Like

Noisy operations

The noise level of the AC is 50 dB, and once the compressor starts, the AC makes quite some noise, which at times is irritating. Thus, it does not work smoothly and silently.

Not suitable for large rooms

The AC is ideal for small family living in a small-sized room up to 110 sq ft but not for large rooms.


The AC comes with self-diagnosis and a self-clean feature. It uses R22 refrigerant gas and has a very durable copper condenser. It is energy efficient with 878.61 units as it comes with a 5-star energy rating, has a dust filter to trap dust particles and allergens. The auto-restart and memory function provide convenience.

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Purba Bhattacharjee

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