Hitachi 1.5 Ton 5 Star Window AC (RAV518HU) Review

Hitachi is a multinational company based in Tokyo, Japan. The products this company manufactures are one of the best in quality and feature both. They also provide IT solutions, energy solutions, and industry solutions as well.

This window ac from Hitachi might be old fashioned, but the performance of this unit is up to the mark. The features provided in this mid-ranged ac will blow your mind away. Let’s talk about its features, pros, and cons to know more about it.

Silent operation

This Hitachi air conditioner is engineered in a way that it will operate in complete silence. The sound it makes while working is around 35-45 decibels only. You can peacefully sleep at night without any noise.

360-degree airflow

The high-speed fan of this air conditioner makes it possible to spread the airflow 360 degrees and ensures that the cool air reaches every corner of your room. The fan speed can be adjusted from the remote. No matter wherever you are in the room, the air will be cool within a few minutes.

Auto climate technology

Different temperature requires different settings for the ac to provide you cool air. This auto climate technology detects the temperature along with the humidity of your area. Then according to that, it changes its temperature and fan speed to provide you with the best results possible. One press on the button of remote could enrich your cooling experience with this air conditioner.

LCD display

The LCD display of the air conditioner shows you all the details such as, at what temperature the ac is working, what is the fan speed, etc. This display turns off itself if its not used for a while ensuring the battery life.

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What Do We like


The compressor of this air conditioning unit is very powerful. This 1.5-ton ac can cool a medium-sized room of 170 sq. ft with ease. It is durable and increases all over product longevity as well.

Copper condenser coil

Copper has always been known for the better heat exchanger than aluminum. It can absorb and transfer more heat efficiently. They are also corrosion-free and lasts longer. A copper coil needs no maintenance whatsoever and easy to replace too.


The ac is smart enough to know what will be the desired temperature for the room. It also comes with a timer so that you can set a particular time and the ac will get switched off automatically.

Auto filter clean

The filters of an air conditioner get dirty after a while. This ac comes with a filter cleaner indicator that will notify you every once in a while when the filter requires cleaning. This way, you will never have to breathe unhealthy air. Cleaning the filter also saves some power consumption too.

Quality test

Every Hitachi air conditioners go through some high standard tests to match its performance level to the international specifications. Like every other Hitachi ac, this one also passed all the 3 tests and then it was launched in the market for people to use. The standard of the product is kept at a very high level from Hitachi.

Kaimin function

This is a new feature added by Hitachi. This Kaimin function will make your sleep even more comfortable by raising the temperature by 1 degree per hour up to 4 hours.


The digit lock features let you lock your ac using the remote control so there is no misuse is taking place when you are not around. Kids sometimes may reach for the remote and misuse the air conditioner, so to prevent that this feature is always ready.

What We Don’t Like

Energy consumption

These old fashioned window air conditioners may be good at everything, but the power consumption of these units are remarkably higher than the split ones. These models consume a lot of electricity to run, and it will result in bigger electricity bills for you.


Hitachi has always manufactured top quality products from start to present. This is a little old model but still would perform like any other new models of ac. This comes with a 1-year warranty on the product and a 5-year warranty on the compressor. It is very silent and gives you the comfort you desire. The price range justifies the features that Hitachi has provided into it. This is a product worth buying.

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Koushik Mondal

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